Using OverwatchLF is a simple concept. As a user, you fall in to two categories: you are Looking For a Group (LFG) or you are Looking For More to join your team (LFM). If you are LFG, you list your Hero and let others invite you to your team. If you are LFM, you search for other Heroes to invite to your group.


  • Let Others Invite You to Their Group (LFG)
    • Click List My Hero
    • Enter your details, select your activity and Looking for Team and click List Me
    • Your listing will be active on the list until it expires as stated at the top of the LFG list. Update your listing to reset the timer.
    • Click Save my info to retain your info for later use. This is not affected by the timer.
    • Note: after you join a team, Remove your Hero so you don't receive unnecessary invites.
  • Invite Heroes to Your Group (LFM) - Option 1
    • To find Heroes to invite to your team, use the Filter options on the home page. Filter by those Looking For a Team by selecting the LFM dropdown. This shows you other players looking to be invited to a team.
    • Invite those Heroes listed by sending an invite in your console or PC. Refer to your console instructions on how to do send invites or messages.
    • Note: It's advised to use PSN or Xbox apps to quickly lookup and message other users. Xbox users can also message others easily by clicking next to Heroes listings.
  • Invite Heroes to Your Team (LFM) - Option 2
    • List your Specialist as described above, but select the LFM option indicating you are seeking more players. In the comments ask others to send you a message for an invite. This greatly speeds up the process to form your own team.